Parco Natura Viva

Parco Natura Viva

Parco Natura Viva

The wonderful Safari Zoo with over 1,500 animals

Parco Natura Viva

Bussolengo, 6.4km from Hotel Parchi del Garda

Parco Natura Viva, Safari Zoo, Fauna Park, over 1,500 animals.

Today Parco Natura Viva is a modern zoological park and important centre for the protection of threatened species, having developed over time to assume an active role in preserving biodiversity.

Just a few kilometres from Lake Garda and 18 kilometres from Verona, this animal oasis spreads across rolling moraine hills in a dense oak forest. This modern centre for the protection of the earth’s fauna houses over 1,500 animals from 200 different species and participates in many projects for their conservation.

Parco Safari Zoo

With over 240,000 square metres along a route of around 5 kilometres visitors can travel in their own car around this park, which offers a unique opportunity for understanding and observing animals from the African savannah.

Parco Faunistico

Parco Faunistico features rare and little-known specimens. In collaboration with important European associations, Parco Natura Viva deals with species threatened with extinction. The path through stands of oaks and age-old plants is brightened by the presence of many wild species in their perfect habitat.

Parco Dinosauri

The unique thrill of the past can be felt here at Parco dei Dinosauri, with a leap back to a time when dinosaurs ruled our planet. Life-size dinosaur models arranged in real-life scientific reconstructions give visitors a close-up view of these animals from the past. These dinosaur models portray giant specimens as well as smaller dinosaurs.

Percorso Botanico

This botanical tour helps visitors discover the characteristics, uses and curious features of around 30 species of arboreal plants present in the Parco Faunistico. This same tour also can include a visit to the tropical greenhouse that houses special plants like orchids and carnivorous species.

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