Caneva Aquapark

Caneva Aquapark

Caneva Aquapark

Wonderful island with water attractions

Caneva Aquapark

Lazise sul Garda, 2.2 km from Hotel Parchi del Garda

This beautiful island has fine white sand, tropical palms and aquatic attractions for the whole family.

Enter the largest European park dedicated to the fantastic world of water!
Enjoy a day outside the ordinary!

Adventure Island
The most breath-taking slides in the world are here! A volcano dominates the whole island, filled with rushing mountain streams, forests of lianas and caves cut into the rock … Explore this mysterious lost world and the power of nature.

Face the challenge of the thrilling attractions at Aquapark!

Fun River
Dive, swim, play … Spend hours with your friends at these large swimming pools and fun water rides. But watch out … every hour something mysterious disturbs the calm on this lost island.

Baby Lagoon
Evil pirates, ancient galleons and shipwrecks adrift at the mercy of ferocious sharks! Fun for kids! Thrills and excitement are guaranteed into the night, but with complete safety and confidence for parents.

Relax Beach
Can a tropical island not have a beach of fine white sand? AquaPark has it!

Experience the feeling of walking barefoot across warm sand or being rocked by the waves of the sea.
Whether in the sun or the shade of a palm tree, AquaPark lets you choose your own way of relaxing.

Island Restaurants
An entire fishermen’s village hosts nine unusual restaurants.

Information and opening hours

We suggest to visit the Park website for information about:

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