Special ozone

The sanitization of the hotel spaces with ozone.

Crucial in the anti-Coronavirus protocol.

The well-being of our Guests and Colleagues is highly important, this is the reason why we treat all the hotel spaces with ozone.

We have been using ozone to sanitize rooms for many years under the name Ozosì3; the protocol against Coronavirus has increased the use of this system to sanitize all hotel spaces.

Ozone is a gas for a special, additional sanitization that sterilizes the environment to 99.98%, and combined with other actions it helps to make your stay safe.

Ozone is able to sterilize the air and all the surfaces it comes in contact with: in a short time it can degrade any pollutant, destroy smoke and odors, break down viruses, insects, bacteria, spores and molds in absolutely natural way, without using chemical detergents and without releasing polluting substances for the environment or harmful to humans.

An additional care for our Guests and the environment, since ever.