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This meeting point is the ideal place for a good coffee in a complete tranquillity or sipping the latest cocktail prepared by a master barman. Comfortable chairs on the lawn and outdoor tables make the ideal setting for tempting ice creams and refreshing soft drinks, tasting local fine wines and choice vintage liqueurs, enjoyed in a modern, elegant surroundings.

The “Preonda” is a large stone tablet located near the old port of Bardolino, whose origins are lost in time. They say the Preonda courts the “ànder”, an impetuous wind that blows from the southwest and causes the foamy waves of the lake to break across this stone.

In the evening, the people of Bardolino gather around the Preonda to chat and discuss the day’s events. From the high point of the Preonda, the town criers would announce news, ordinances, proclamations and edicts. It also served as a speaker’s corner. For a brief period, it was transferred to the town hall square. Here farmers and merchants met to talk about business and agree contracts. On warm spring evenings, lovers frequently lingered here too, sitting on the Preonda to whisper sweet nothings and dream of their future. If an engaged couple from outside Bardolino walked around the Preonda, they would be guaranteed a safe and happy future.

Today, it is still said that if visitors walk once around the Preonda, they will become friends of Bardolino and cannot help but return frequently to enjoy the charming blue of the lake.


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